Meeting Spotlight

Pe Ell Group

When is this meeting?

The meeting is every Wednesday starting at 7pm but get there early and shoot some hoop!!! There is usually someone around by 6pm.

Where is it located?

VFW Hall, 411 S. 1st Street, Pe Ell, WA.

What else should I know about the meeting?

There is handicap access. Birthday night is the last Wednesday of the month. The first Wednesday is the group conscience meeting. Bring your bicycle pump, the basketball usually needs some air.

What type of meeting is it?

This is an open, topic meeting which focuses on the solution. We offer hope to the newcomer and the still suffering alcoholic. Mostly we have a bit of fun because we are not a glum lot.

District 28 Handbook

It is the intent of this handbook to serve as a reference guide for the Elected Trusted Servants of District 28. It includes their responsibilities and allowed expenses as determined by previous group consciences.

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This is a printable schedule that you can download and print at home. Please notify us if you find an error in the schedule.

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