Current News for District 28

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What should I write about?

Your experience as an older alcoholic in recovery is invaluable.
A.A. member experience being requested includes the following:
• Finding recovery at the age of 60 and over.
• Mental health and diverse abilities.
• Attending online meetings.
• LGBTQ+ communities.
• Diverse spiritual pathways
• Diverse ethnicities, cultures, and languages (including immigrant experiences).

How do I submit my story?

Please include your complete name, address, and email/phone information on the first page of your manuscript. A copy of your manuscript should be retained for your files.
• By Email
Subject Line: A.A. for the Older Alcoholic.
• By Postal Mail
Attn: Access Assignment
General Service Office
Box 459
Grand Central Station
New York, NY 10163.

Is there a deadline?

The deadline is September 23, 2022. Thank you for sharing your experience, strength and hope.

I started my recovery before age 60, how can I help?

If you are not over 60 – I bet you know someone who is. Please share this information with them and your GSRs!

District 28 Handbook

It is the intent of this handbook to serve as a reference guide for the Elected Trusted Servants of District 28. It includes their responsibilities and allowed expenses as determined by previous group consciences.

District 28 Meeting Schedule

This is a printable schedule that you can download and print at home. Please notify us if you find an error in the schedule.

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